British Wild Birds

Identifying Birds UK

British wild birds chaffinch This website aims to help in attracting birds into your garden.
It doesn't matter if it's a balcony or a paddock with a few varieties of food as well as water you can easily find the most common british wild birds.

With just a little bit of work a garden can be busy with activity for most of the year. The darting of the blue tits is staggeringly fast, the song of the blackbird is particularly melodic and the scwabbles of the starlings are just darn right comical at times.

Most of the basic topics are covered including food, feeders and projects for various sized gardens. We'll give you some points to remember, why it's important to maintain your routine, why you should help out the birds and much more, but most importantly we let you in on our secret, "It's Easy", well at least the common wild birds.