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Blackbird Bird


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Blackbird length: 25cm

Blackbird Call

What does the Blackbird look like?

Males are black with an orange beak (albinos have white feathers in their wings). Females are one commonly seen brown garden bird and they have spots on their front, juveniles are similar.

Where does the Blackbird nest?

They will build a nest in a hedge or low lying tree.. Known well for their distintive melodic tune the blackbird is one of the most common garden birds. Nests mainly built by the female from dried grass twigs and moss. The young hatch within 14 days and leave the nest after another 14 days but rely on their parents for another 3 weeks for food.

Blackbird Food

The Blackbird will eat hawthorn berries, worms and seeds.

Bird location and density.

Throughout Britain Very Common

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