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Bunting birds are uk small birds of around 15cm to 18cm in size with short stubby bills. They mainly eat foods such as seeds, insects and fruit. The most common of the Bunting Birds in this page is one of the yellow british birds the Yellow Hammer with it's call that has historically been said to sound like 'a little bit of bread with no cheese'.

Corn Bunting Bird

Corn Bunting

As their name suggests the Corn Bunting will be regularly found among corn fields. They will eat fruits and seeds as well as insects. Visible most of Scotland and England. Quite often they will build a nest among dense vegetation made of grass and plant stems. Present all year round. Breeding numbers in decline. They have streaked brown plumage and a yellow coloured heavy bill. Both male and female are alike. A nest will include three to five eggs which will be incubated for around twelve days. The young will spend ten days in the nest being fed mainly by the female. Includes Corn Bunting bird call.

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Reed Bunting Bird

Reed Bunting

The Reed Bunting will eat seeds and insects. Visible across Britain. The nest is usually built along the ground among reed beds out of moss and grass lined with reeds and hair. Present all year. Summer plumage of male Reed Bunting is a black head and throat. Upper body is streaked brown with black parts and a white underside. Female has more brown (including head). Male loses most of the black over the winter months. There will likely be four or five eggs in a clutch and there can be up to three broods a year. Both parents tend to their young which hatch within two weeks and stay in the nest for two weeks also. Includes Reed Bunting bird call.

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Snow Bunting Bird

Snow Bunting

The Snow Bunting mainly eat insects in summer and survive on reeds in winter. Mainly a coastal visitor. The build a nest usually on rocks made of moss and grasses sometimes lined with wool and feathers. Few breeding pair in Scotland. In summer the male has a white head, inner wings and outer tail. The main body, very outer wing and inner tail are brown. The female has less white than the male. In winter the male loses the white and dark brown and replaced with reddish brown including the head. Four to six eggs are laid by the female. Includes Snow Bunting bird call.

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Yellow Hammer Bird

Yellow Hammer

The Yellow Hammer will eat seeds and insects. Visible across the UK. The nest is built low down towards ground level. Built mainly by the female out of grass, moss and plant stems and lined with grass and hair. Present all year. The male has a yellow head and breast. Upper parts are chestnut coloured with streaks of black. The female and juveniles are duller. The female will lay three or four eggs. Includes Yellow Hammer bird call.

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