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The Cuckoo known for it's distinctive 'cuckooing' sound in quiet countryside is less than quaint in it's nature. The mother will lay her clutch of eggs which she will then discard into other nests which hold eggs of similar markings. Typical unfortunate targets are the Dunnock, Meadow Pipits and the Reed Warbler. After a Cuckoo egg has replaced another in the original clutch the unsuspecting mother of that nest will feed the Cuckoo chick instead of one or more of her own young. There is a short snippet of that Cuckoo Call below.

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Cuckoo Bird


The Cuckoo will eat insects. Visible throughout Britain. Somewhat in decline due to reduced habitat and the use of insecticides. The female with move her eggs into other suitable nest which the unsuspecting new parent will look after in place one of her own eggs that will have been replaced. Widespread throughout UK. They adult has a white underside with grayish brown barred marks, a grey chest and head with yellow beak and charcoal grey wings. The Juvenile Cuckoo will have a similar plumage but with reddish-brown wings and a white spot on it's neck. The Cuckoo may lay up to 12 eggs in one season which she then goes about trying to 'Offload' to neighboring nests instead of her own. The new parent bird to these new eggs such as the Reed Warbler will feed the Cuckoo's young chick instead of concentrating on her own young. Includes Cuckoo bird call.

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