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The Dipper Bird with it's bobbing motion as it moves short step on it's sturdy legs is common at sources of fresh water like rivers and streams. It will often stand on the rocks immersed in these rivers to catch invertebrates when more readily available in the summer season such blackflies, caddisflies, mayflies and stoneflies, as well as what is available at the time such small fish and fish eggs.

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White Throated Dipper Bird

White Throated Dipper

The Dipper will search underwater for tadpoles, insects and worms. Visible across Britain except for South East England. Nests made of moss are typically built under a bridge, by a riverside or behind a waterfall. Present all year round. The Dipper has a deep brown coloured back with a white chest and redish-brown underbelly. The young have a grey-brown back and whiteish-grey chest and underbelly. Five eggs are laid which hatch within 15-18 days and the young fly in around three weeks. Includes White Throated Dipper bird call.

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