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Included below within each section as well as basic Herons And Storks details and bird facts there is a small audio player of Herons And Storks bird calls. Below there are links which go to each sub section of Herons And Storks.

List of Herons And Storks

Bittern Bird


Bittern food sources include amphibians, fish and insects. Visible more in winter in limited areas of Britain. Nests are made with vegetation from the waterside with added fine matter. Present all year in limited areas of eastern England. The Bittern has green legs and a black-brown streaked plumage. Juveniles are similar but a lighter in colour. They lay 4-6 eggs over two or three days which the female will incubate. Includes Bittern bird call.

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Heron Bird


Herons catch fish by the waterside using their long beaks. They nest is high trees or reed beds. Nests are built of sticks and twigs. Present across Britain all year round. They have a black crested white head with a yellow beak (more orange in breeding period), light grey body and darker brown-grey outer wings. The female lays 3-5 eggs. Includes Heron bird call.

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