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Included below within each section as well as basic Kingfisher Bird UK details and bird facts there is a small audio player of Kingfisher Bird UK bird calls. Below there are links which go to each sub section of Kingfisher Bird UK.

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The Kingfisher eats small fish and aquatic insects. When catching a fish the bird will dive into the water striking the fish and then beat it against a nearby branch before eating it whole. Kingfishers are present across the whole of the UK except north of southern Scotland. A nest is built in a burrow around three feet long by a stream which is dug out by both parents. They are prominent all year round but can suffer in winter due to weather restrictions on the waterside such as ice on the surface of the water. The Kingfisher is highly recognisable if you are fortunate enough to see one. They have red feet, an orange-chestnut underside and Iridescent Bluey-Green upper side and a distinctive long grey beak perfect for catching small fish. Five eggs are typically laid which both parents incubate. The young then stay within the nest for about four weeks. Includes Kingfisher bird call.

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