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Included below within each section as well as basic Petrel Bird | Shearwaters details and bird facts there is a small audio player of Petrel Bird | Shearwaters bird calls. Below there are links which go to each sub section of Petrel Bird | Shearwaters.

List of Petrel Bird | Shearwaters

Fulmar Bird


Typically fish eating birds the Fulmar is likely to have thrived due to the fishing industries where fishermen would toss waste fish product overboard. Nesting sites along more of the British coastline. Nests are located in cliff ledges or rock pillar. There are several hundred thousand nesting sites across the whole country. They have a big yellow bill with distinctive round nostrils on the top. They have a white head and wings of various shades of grey. Nests will consist of just one single egg which takes seven weeks to hatch. Includes Fulmar bird call.

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Manx Shearwater Bird

Manx Shearwater

The Manx Shearwater catch food from the sea. Located in certain spots along the west coast of Britain, Ireland and of course the Isle of Man. The nest is in a burrow with a single egg. Limited numbers. They come inland only to breed. They have a Greyish-black crown, back and wings with a greyish-white underside. The chicks will stay in their burrow for up to ten weeks until they can fly. Includes Manx Shearwater bird call.

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Storm Petrel Bird

Storm Petrel

The Storm Petrel eats crustaceans and small fish from the sea. Storm Petrels are coastal birds. They nest under rock or walls. Can be found on the west coast of the UK and on the Northern Isles Both male and female are a charcoal like black colour with a white rump. On the underside of the wing is a whiteish grey stripe along the middle. They only come onto land to breed at night. Includes Storm Petrel bird call.

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