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Included below within each section as well as basic Pipits details and bird facts there is a small audio player of Pipits bird calls. Below there are links which go to each sub section of Pipits.

Meadow Pipit Bird

Meadow Pipit

The Meadow pipit with eat flies, beetles, moths and spiders. Visible all over Britain. Nests are often built near meadow edges hidden in vegetation. Present all year. The upper side of the bird is brown streaked with a yellow-white streaked under side. They will lay three to five eggs. Includes Meadow Pipit bird call.

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Rock Pipit Bird

Rock Pipit

The Rock pipit will eat small fish, small shellfish, insects, beetles and seeds. They will sometimes eat kelp flies from rotting seaweed. Visible along rocky coastline of Britain. A nest is often built in a hole or crevice in a cliff made out of grass, moss and seaweed. Present all year. It has an olive-brown upper body with a streaked breast. They have orange soles. Both sexes are alike. Four or five eggs are laid by the female which she incubates for two weeks which then fledge after 14-16 days. Includes Rock Pipit bird call.

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Tree Pipit Bird

Tree Pipit

The Tree Pipit will often ground feed for insects, spiders and larvae. Visible across Britain except in Ireland. They will build a nest well hidden in vegetation out of dried grass, hair and moss. Spring Visitor. They have brown streaked upper parts and pale under parts with a yellowish breast. Sexes are alike. Egg colours vary including blueish-grey, green brown or pink. Includes Tree Pipit bird call.

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