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Sparrows are a common brown garden bird that include the the tree sparrow bird and common house sparrow bird which has millions of UK nesting sites.

List of Sparrow Types UK

House sparrow Bird

House sparrow

The House sparrow will eat grain. Throughout Britain all year round Hedges or holes in buildings/trees A very Common garden bird yet despite declined numbers in recent years the house sparrow is the most common british bird. Females are a dull brown colour with a grey front, males have a variety of browns on the back with a grey crown House sparrows have declined somewhat in recent years and are not a common as blackbirds and other popular birds. However they are adaptable birds and still have a large population today. The nests built of straw and feathers ready for breeding in March until August where in that time they can have three broods of three to five eggs. It will take up to 14 days for the eggs to hatch and can fly well in another 14 days. Includes House sparrow bird call.

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Tree Sparrow Bird

Tree Sparrow

The Tree Sparrow will eat weed seeds and insects. Visible across all of England, Wales and southern Scotland and coastal areas of Ireland. Nests are build hastily into a cup shape made of dried grass and straw. Present all year with some winter migrants along south English coastline. Similar in appearance to the House Sparrow, the Tree Sparrow has a more distinctive chestnut brown head and more black patches in the face including around the cheeks than the House Sparrow. Females and juveniles are similar. Both parents take turns to incubate the eggs for eleven to fourteen days and then rear for a fortnight. Includes Tree Sparrow bird call.

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