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Included below within each section as well as basic Types of Swallow details and bird facts there is a small audio player of Types of Swallow bird calls. Below there are links which go to each sub section of Types of Swallow.

House Martin Bird

House Martin

House Martins will eat insects, often on the fly. Visiting bird to all of Britain, less in the most northern part of Scotland. Nests are often built in groups in the roof eaves made of dried grass and mud pellets taken from muddy areas near puddles and pond edges. Summer Migrant. The upper wings are a deep blue with brown under wings. The tail is brown and the underbelly is white. To distinguish from the Swallow the House Martin has a shorter tail and a white rump. The female will lay four or five eggs which will hatch in 13 - 19 days. After three to four weeks the birds will be able to fly. Includes House Martin bird call.

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Sand Martin Bird

Sand Martin

The Sand Martin, much like the Swallow and House Martin will eat invertebrates, taken on the wing. Visiting birds across the UK Nests are dug out with the feet of a Sand Martin to create burrows in the side of sand banks. Summer migrating birds that congregate in sand banks of cliffs and river sides. Smaller than the House Martin, the Sand Martin has a slightly forked tail, brown upper parts and white face and underbelly with a brown band across the breast. Four to five eggs are incubated by both parents for about twelve to sixteen days after which they take to flight in around 19 days. Includes Sand Martin bird call.

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Swallow Bird


Swallows eat small invertebrates. These birds will also drink fresh water from puddles and streams on the fly without coming to a complete stop. Summer visitors to the whole of Britain. Swallows often build a nest of straw and mud in the eaves of an unused building or under bridges. They are summer breeding birds from March to October. The swallow is recognisable by it's long tail streamers more easily visible in flight. They have a bluish-black plumage and whitish underside. They also have a russet throat. Females are similar but have a shorter tail. Two or three clutches of three to six eggs are incubated. Once hatched the young are fed insects by both parents. Includes Swallow bird call.

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