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Included below within each section as well as basic Wagtail bird details and bird facts there is a small audio player of Wagtail bird bird calls. Below there are links which go to each sub section of Wagtail bird.

Grey Wagtail Bird

Grey Wagtail

The Grey Wagtail eats flies, midges and insects as well as mayflies, dragonflies and water beetles. Visible across the UK. They build a nest of grass and moss lined with hair always nearly by fast running water. Present all year. The male breeding plumage is grey on the upper parts with a white stripe across the eye and a black throat. The underbelly is yellow in colour. The female is similar but duller and doesn't have the black throat. Juveniles are also duller with a speckled chest area. The nest will contain four to six eggs which hatch after two weeks and are in flight after around 17 days. Includes Grey Wagtail bird call.

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Pied Wagtail Bird

Pied Wagtail

The Pied Wagtail likes to be near to sources of flies and insects. Visible across the whole of Britain. They are often found near water sources such as ponds and lakes but are just as likely to be near farm buildings in open countryside. The nest is built solely built by the female out of grass, roots, Present all year. The Pied Wagtail has a black head and breast with a black back and long black tail. Underside is white with a large white face. Juveniles are brownish-grey. Five or six eggs are laid and once hatch are fed by both parents. Includes Pied Wagtail bird call.

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Yellow Wagtail Bird

Yellow Wagtail

The Yellow Wagtail will eat caterpillars, flies and beetles. Will often chase flying insects off the ground. Visible mainly in England. The nest is often built in a hollow near a water source by the female made of grass, plant stems and rootlets and lined with hair or wool. April to October visitors that will breed across England and limited parts of Wales and Scotland. As the name suggests the bulk of the body is yellow with a greenish head and back with white outer tail. The female is slightly duller in plumage. The female will often lay six eggs which she will incubate. They young will fledge in 10 - 13 days. Includes Yellow Wagtail bird call.

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