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About different bird boxes available

If you have a secure walled area within your garden, a large tree, garage or even a section on the house itself you can setup a bird box for your more regular visitors to the garden and ensure that a family of birds have a nice cosy home and secure base in which to leave their eggs and return to after looking for food.

As you can see from the above photos there are various types of bird boxes for different types of birds. They also range in price. Some are more camouflaged but most boxes are likely to be suitable if placed high enough off the ground and not accessible to preditors such as cats. However once inside the box it is hard for most preditors to enter.

Bird box camera systems

Providing that you are near to a power source and a computer you can go one step further than a standard bird box and purchase a bird box camera system. Basically it is a standard bird box but with the added equipment to see and hear the interior of the box without intruding on the birds personal space.
For as little as £40 - £50 you can setup your own live bird box recording including the hatching of the eggs and feeding of the chicks.

Some of the above examples that are lower in price are improving in quality all the time and many now include colour cameras. For that little bit more money you can buy a kit with the added convenience of wireless, which as you can guess allows you to setup the box with wireless components which send data wirelessly into the house or very close the house and is very helpful for those with a large garden. Amazingly you can now buy wireless bird box camera systems for less than £100 in some shops and on the internet but expect to pay around £200 on average for one.

Novelty Bird Boxes and Colony Nest Boxes

To add a bit of character to your garden whilst providing a practical use for your garden birds you can also buy novelty bird boxes.

There are various tastefully designed bird boxes out there to add character to a garden whilst maintaining it's main purpose. Included in the above photos are a beach hut and a large doll like house with large round window as entrance to bird box. Those who are looking for something a little bit more extravagant can purchase a post box with the entrance being the letter hole, Currently on Amazon UK.
On a more practical note there are also birds such as Sparrows that like to nest in colonies. Colony bird boxes are available which are a combination of several bird boxes built together so that families can be in the same location together.

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