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Helping Birds Making A Nest

A green garden with lots of stray leaves, excess grass and twigs should provide plenty of material for your garden birds to build their nest.

Sometimes though, a little help can ensure quality built nests in your garden or nearby.

Save some grass trimmings

Modern lawnmowers nearly always have some sort of way to collect the grass as you mow the lawn which leaves you with a clean looking lawn with no mess. However, if you made a small pile in the corner of the garden so that birds can use this to bulk up their nest.

Leaves and twigs assist in nest building

Soggy leaves aren't helpful in some gardens. Some people like their gardens leaf free because it looks better and some like to remove the leaves because they can be dangerous on hard ground.

Twigs and leaves are ideal for the birds to use in making their nests so if you do need to clear them try putting them in a corner of the garden so that birds can put them to good use (rather than stinking out the garden waste bin).

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