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Hanging Bird Feeders

A very popular way to feed a cross section of birds and attract birds to feeders. They are good to hang from a branch of a tree, don't take up space in the garden and are harder for cats to get at.

There are different types of Bird Tables and Feeders for different foods, the most common are grilled feeders which hold peanuts and feeders which hold seed such as wild bird seed and sunflower hearts, these are typically plastic with feed trays at the bottom. The price of these feeders can vary depending on what they are made of.

Feeders are also available for fat balls and high energy packs. If you don't have a garden to hold a garden bird feeder then you may want to consider a window bird feeder.

Good places to buy bird feeders

If you live near a Pound Stretcher or Home Bargains then I highly recommend a visit there to purchase your feeders, the peanut feeders and fat ball feeders are particularly good at Pound Stretcher and are not much more than £1.00 each and a pack of six fat balls are only 50p each - bargain. Home Bargains also sells cheap wild bird seed, peanuts and fat balls and they have allowed me to maintain my wild bird gardens without breaking the bank to much.

Wild Bird Feeding Station

Many gardens that come with modern houses typically have little or no surrounding hedgerow and certainly few or no trees. This is a big problem as attaching hanging bird feeders to fences with a long hanging bracket may seem a good idea, however cats can easily walk along fences. Instead, free standing wild bird feeding stations can hold many hanging bird feeders on one secure stand.

Many people that I know who have small gardens have said that a wild bird feeding station was the best thing they ever bought for attracting birds to the garden.

Free Standing Bird Tables

These are great for gardens with open space and are also useful to put all sorts of food on. They provide shelter and are quite easy to clean. They are quite expensive to buy but nice bird tables look very appealing in the garden and are durable too.

They must not be put close to fences as they are easy for cats to get at this way but they do keep the birds off the grass which is also a potential threat in some gardens.

Bird Baths

This can be a very attractive ornament for any garden as well as a useful perminant place for birds to use. It's heavy base is ideal as a long lasting bird bath and is great fun particularly for sparrows.

If you sit in your garden a lot it may be worth purchasing a bird bath, however plastic pots of water are a much cheaper alternative and have been known to provide much comedy value as the heavier birds tend to topple or balance the flimsy plastic, however this is more interesting with seed of high energy pots.

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