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Fat balls for birds

Homemade Fat balls for birds using this lard cake recipe

This article takes you step by step through the process of making your own fat balls for birds and the equally popular lard cakes. Very popular with Starlings, which are sadly in decline but by regularly making lard cakes/fat balls for your garden, along with clean water, you can provide much needed winter warmth for these birds and many others.

Ingredients to make fat balls for birds

In total you need to mix 1lb of the above ingredients to ½lb of lard as best you can.

  • 200 grams of bread - blended to crumbs
  • 50 grams of nuts - blended to smaller pieces
  • 50 grams of currents - left as they are
  • 100 grams of wild bird seed
  • 50 grams of oats
  • Optional bacon fat
  1. Peanuts for fat balls


  2. Currents for fat balls


  3. Biscuits for fat balls


  4. Oatmeal for fat balls


  5. Bacon fat

    Bacon Fat

  6. Wild bird seed

    Wild Bird Seed

  7. Bread used to thicken the fat balls


  8. lard binds the fat balls


Tools to make fat balls for birds

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  1. Pan


  2. Plastic containers

    Plastic Containers

  3. Weighing scales

    Weighing Scales

  4. Wooden spoon

    Wooden Spoon

  5. Food processor

    Food Processor

  6. Large bowl

    Large Bowl

Instructions for how to make fat balls for birds

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  1. Bread pieces in blender Break up your bread slices into smaller pieces and place in a blender.
  2. Bread blended into crumbs Blend until they are fine breadcrumbs, place in a large bowl.
  3. whole peanuts in food processor Add the nuts into the blender.
  4. Peanuts crushed in food processor Blend until they are smaller pieces.
  5. All lard cake ingredients mixed together Add the currents, wild bird seed, oats and bacon fat to the large bowl and mix together.
  6. Pan similar size to large bowl Ensure that you have a pan that is of a similar size to your large bowl full of ingredients.
  7. Lard melting in pan Place the slab of lard (½lb) into your pan and place at a medium heat.
  8. Add lard cake mixture to pan of lard Once around two thirds of the lard has melted, slowly add your ingredients to the left side of the pan making sure that the rest of the lard is on the right side.
  9. Lard cake ingredients mixed in pan As the lard starts to completely melt stir in all the ingredients until all the lard in absorbed into the mixture. Turn off the hob. At this stage you could leave the pan to cool and then make fat balls with the cool mixture or continue down the page to make lard cakes whilst the bird mixture is still workable.
  10. Mixture added to plastic pots Take your wooden spoon and add the mixture to the plastic pots.
  11. Flaten mixture then place in fridge to harden Flatten the mixture inside the pots with the wooden spoon so that the mixture is compacted and leave to cool. Finally place in the fridge overnight. After that you are ready to put them in the garden.

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