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Wildbird Foods - feeding birds in the garden

We have covered the most common wildbird foods on this page but it is usually your own initiative that will get a variety of birds in your garden. It also depends on your location throughout Britain but with these basic feeding tips you can easily attract common uk garden birds.

Remember that you must keep the food topped up in bird feeders as it will become a regularly visited garden if birds are happy and they will use up valuable energy to get to you.

Variety is the key as with most things, so try all the foods and you may be pleasantly surprised with what you see. Always remember to provide water along with your food and put the feeders in sensible locations, ideally off the ground and away from fences where cats can get to them. Although, pots of food on the ground are okay if they are a good distance away from areas where cats can hide and pounce on the food area.

Feeding wild birds bread

If you have no bird food in the house at all, there is nothing wrong with a few slices of old (but not to old) bread. The specialists would say put down brown bread but honestly I don't think the birds are to bothered as long as there is something. But remember if you wouldn't eat it chances are the birds won't either.

Wild Bird Seed

The most common bird food placed out in the garden, it is a mix of various foods such as peanuts, sunflower hearts and seed and is suitable for a cross section of british wild birds.

Sunflower Hearts

These are a good addition to use with wild bird seed and is (in my personal experience) a particular favourite with blue tits. They are black and look like pumkin seeds. You can find them in most good animal stores and local markets.


Popular with sparrows and many others birds that feed off the ground, peanuts are a good alternative to wild bird seed.
One interesting finding in my years of feeding with peanuts has found that if a peanut feeder is close enough to a branch of a tree for birds to stand on and eat from you may find other larger birds feeding to including collared doves and even rooks.

Fat Balls

These contain a lot of fat to allow the birds to stay warm and give them energy. Popular with many common birds, however starlings tend to come down into your garden in droves to get some of this food.

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